A Skiff For All Seasons, How to Build an Alaskan Skiff (or How to Build Your Own Boat)

I ordered a whole mess of boat building books back around the year 2000 after deciding that I wanted to build a boat to suit my tastes. I picked up a book on building aluminum boats, several on the subject of the stitch and glue method of boat building and a few other general tomes on the subject. Hands down the one book that captivated my interest was Renn Tolman's, A Skiff For All Seasons.

After reading and re-reading the book over a period of a few weeks, I ordered Renn's Wide Body Addendum and a while later the Jumbo Addendum. I now had three versions of the boat to contemplate building. I've bugged Renn and several other Tolman Builders for details and pictures of their home built masterpieces and now through their generosity you too can study these very interesting and aesthetically pleasing vessels to your hearts content.

If you are thinking about building a boat then you should certainly consider building a Tolman Skiff using stitch and glue boat building techniques. Renn Tolman's books will clearly explain the tools you'll need, and he will teach you how to use the stitch and glue method of using epoxy, fiberglass and marine grade plywood to build a very seaworthy boat you'll be proud to call your own.

If you are a Tolman Builder please send links, pictures and your experiences so we can spread the word. I'm particularly interested in images that show human scale in relationship to the Tolman Skiffs, and any and all details of innovative design modifications or additions. Feel free to go to the Forum area of this website to post your own images and stories, and any questions you may have. Or if you prefer simply email comments and images to me at steveoh@fishyfish.com

What is a Tolman Skiff? Tolman skiffs are wooden skiffs of Dory Heritage with semi-vee bottoms made of plywood/epoxy/fiberglass (sometimes called stitch-and-glue, tack and tape, or composite construction).

Do you want to learn how to build a wooden boat? Or are you looking for DIY boat plans? Want to build a fishing boat? Then building a Tolman Skiff might well be up your alley. There are three Tolman Alaskan Skiff models to build, the Standard, the Widebody and the Jumbo. Read Renn Tolman's Book to find out more, or join the Tolman Forum to learn more about the Tolman Alaskan Skiff and how to build your own boat.

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Also, years ago I started a Tolman Skiff email list that anyone interested in Tolman Skiffs can subscribe to. Although we've moved the conversation over to the fishyfish.com boat building forum here at fishyfish, it's still a great place to explore years of postings on the Tolman Skiff. It's easy to subscribe. Just send an email to: tolmanskiff-subscribe@yahoogroups.com . You'll get a confirmation email with instructions. You can also subscribe by going the YahooGroups website at:

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My Tolman Skiff Jumbo Project

And, last but not least, I will document the progress of my own Tolman Skiff project. Each installment is indexed below.


Stephen Dampier

Renn Tolman's Lastest Book Now Available

Tolman Alaskan Skiffs Book -  Building Plans for three plywood epoxy skiffs. Tolman Alaskan Skiffs Book - How to build a better boat. Tolman Seabright Book - how to build an efficient boat

Renn Tolman's latest book on building the Tolman Alaskan Skiff is now available. Book includes all three Tolman Skiff designs, with lots of info on cabins and other options, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 250 pages, 175 drawings and 100-plus photos. $39.95 plus $4 for Priority Mail, $9 Global Priority Mail (foreign orders). Checks or money orders to Renn Tolman, no credit cards. Suggest Western Union in US funds for foreign orders.

New plans available for the Tolman Seabright Skiff! Twenty-five pages, of which nine are sheets of drawings. To be used with the book. Contains not only the geometry for the hull but considerable material on constructing the rudder, installing the engine, etc. $30 for the plans plus $5 for domestic Priority Mail.

  1. Paul Fithian - Tolman Skiff Jumbo
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  5. Steve Bolton's Jumbo Project -link dead to www.sumboat.com
  6. Brian Dixon's Trip to Alaska (Visit Renn Tolman!)
  7. Foggy Bay Boats - Foggy Bay Boats builds and sells Tolman Skiffs in Washington state.
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  16. Fishing Monster Ledge, (A Tolman Skiff Adventure, by Dave Nolan)
  17. Renn Tolman's Latest Jumbo Underconstruction
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  19. Bruce Armstrong's Pictures from the Homer Show!!
  20. Tolman Skiff Kits Are Available!!! (Jim O'Meara built a Jumbo in 93-days. Wow!)
  21. Tolman Skiff Builder? Go here to sign our GuestMap and to see where other builders live. (don't use your email address to avoid spam.)
  22. Bruce Armstrong's Homer Wooden Boat Show Article at Duckworks.
  23. Dave Nolan and Gary Schetlick Shark Killers (in a Tolman Skiff)
  24. Paul Hail, back from Homer, shares these Tolman pictures
  25. Kevin Beddoe Launches his Jumbo!
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  29. Russ Taylor's Widebody Contruction Photos!
  30. Jim Ward's Ultra Jumbo (25') gets turned (Duckworks)!
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  36. Ray Brown's Jumbo gets flipped!
  37. Pictures:Homer 2005 Tolman Skiff Get Together
  38. Craig Floerchinger Launches His Jumbo!
  39. Jon Berger's Standard in a beautiful Pacific Island paradise  (Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia)
  40. Aaron Enstad's 24' Jumbo
  41. Stephen Mailloux Flips his 22' Jumbo
  42. Robert Strawbridge Launches his Jumbo!
  43. Doug Huvar's Widebody and his New Bay Weld
  44. Ray Brown's Jumbo
  45. Kenneth Dodson Flips His Jumbo!
  46. The Shirley Lamar is Launched Sept. 3rd
  47. Dave Wright's 18' Standard!
  48. WalknBob has his Skiff Kit and he's raring to go!
  49. Renn Tolman Interview
  50. Ray Brown is building a Jumbo that will have a Mercruiser Cummins Diesel!
  51. Kevin Beddoe's Lake Powell Report
  52. Michael Schlechter's Widebody Update
  53. David's Giant 25' Jumbo (Three Generations Building!!!!)
  54. Jim Wilcox's Widebody
  55. Jim Wilcox's Website
  56. Renn Tolman on the Tolman Skiff
  57. Trailer Boat Magazine Article on Kevin Beddoe's Jumbo
  58. Bruce Armstrong's Pictures of the ChulaRodHog for the TrailerBoat Article
  59. New Addendum(s) for Renn's Book (PDF file)
  60. New Pictures from Jim O'meara
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  63. Jesse Morgan's Tolman Project
  64. Erin Scott's Jumbo Blog
  65. Ben Stuart's Widebody!
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  67. Bill Jone's Jumbo Turned!
  68. Paul Hail's Widebody
  69. Pacific North West Tolman Owners Group Gathering (PNW TOG)
  70. Russ Dodd's 24' Jumbo
  71. Mark Wipfli's 20' Tolman Skiff Standard
  72. Phil Walker's Standard ON THE WATER!
  73. David Ohara's Standard
  74. Experimental User Upload Board (register to upload, not required to view)
  75. Ray Brown Launches His Diesel Powered Jumbo!
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  79. Becharof Adventure, by Mary Griswold
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  93. New pictures of Nicola Caria's Widebody Tolman Skiff, Fresh From Italy!
  94. New Photos of Mike Schlechter's Widebody Tolman Skiff
  95. An Original Tolman Skiff (built by Renn) For Sale
  96. Joe Nelson turns his Standard Tolman Skiff! Video!
  97. Joe Nelson turns his Standard Tolman Skiff! Video!
  98. Joe Nelson turns his Standard Tolman Skiff! Photos!
  99. Fletcher Poole is building a Tolman Skiff Jumbo!
  100. Suzuki DF140 Set-Up Manual .PDF (2.3 mb)
  101. Adam Kondrashoff's Tolman Skiff Widebody!
  102. Jeff Hazelwood is planning on a Standard.
  103. Neil Andrew's Tolman Skiff Jumbo, and his Standard!
  104. Mike Wagner's Tolman Skiff Jumbo
  105. Kenneth Grome is building a Tolman Seabright in the Philipines!
  106. Friedhelm Wurfel is building a Widebody in Hamburg, Germany!
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  120. Tolman Seabright Article by Renn Tolman
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  138. Join the discussion at the Beta Fishyfish Forum New!
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  141. Charlie Gieseker's -Tolman Widebody New!
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  144. Charles Preble's - Jumbo New!
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  146. Ben Stuart - Widebody - For Sale!
  147. David Dobler Launched His Wooden Tolman Skiff Widebody! New!
  148. Curtis Hanson - Tolman Skiff Widebody (for sale!) New!
  149. How to Catch Shrimp
  150. DIY Boat Building
  151. Wooden Boat Building
  152. Stitch and Glue Boat Building
  153. Wooden Boat Plans
  154. Wooden Skiff Plans
  155. Curtis Hanson - Tolman Skiff Widebody New Images (for sale!)
  156. Wooden Skiffs For Sale
  157. Shrimp Recipes
  158. Prawn Recipes
  159. An Early Example of a flat bottomed Tolman Skiff
  160. New Photos Dave Witherall's Widebody New!
  161. New Photos James White's Widebody - Wood! New!
  162. Colin Tolman - Tolman Skiff Standard! New!

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