Paul Hail's Tolman Widebody

Well we managed to launch the Larissa V on the 4th out of Whittier, AK. Despite being close to a low minus tide, the boat slid right off the bunks before the trailer had to go over the edge of the ramp. A good thing, as I've heard bad things about that ramp at a minus tide, i.e. your trailer wheels go over the edge of the ramp into a hole and it's a possible tire popper getting it out. We had 7 on board, which in hindsight is a bit much for this boat, especially w/ 55 gallons of fuel, 6 for the kicker in the splashwell, a 150 qt cooler with 50# of ice and the battery aft. A forward vent for the tank is a must, as the fuel really bubbles up when you get about 55 gallons in the tank. The boat was notably tail heavy, especially with people sitting aft. The scuppers were well and goodly buried, and the water was close to the drain holes in the splash well. But the plugs keep the water out, and we didn't take any noticeable spray on board. The 140 horse is definitely enough to move such weight, even with a too steep pitch 14X19 prop. I'm not positive the prop is too steep, as the e-bay special tach was t/u. We did manage to hit 33 knots wot. It seems to porpoise a bit at wot, I think due to being so arse heavy.

I suppose most reasonable folks would take a short first trip, but the water was nice so we ran out to Deepwater Bay in Port Nellie Juan, a solid 40 nautical miles from Whittier. It was smooth water all the way. With out a dinghy, we couldn't land on the sandy beach at the head of Deepwater, so we pulled up to the nearby island for lunch. I managed to get one ½ decent picture.

The kicker bracket was plenty stout, but the e-rude wouldn't stay up when there was any sort of pounding. Also it seems woefully underpowered, or perhaps way over propped, as it seems to make more bubbles than progress, and won't wind out. I'm thinking for trim reasons, I'll carry the engine in the cuddy with the tank as far forward as possible on deck.

After lunch when we pulled out of Deepwater, the wind had picked up and there was a 2-3' chop. In hindsight, I should have taken it slow and smooth, but I was concerned the wind would keep building, and it would be real rough around Wells passage. Well, the boat has no problem running 25-27 knots through chop, but the crew chief doesn't like the pounding at all.

The Garmin 498 gps w/ bluechart is slick, but for some reason the sonar wasn't working. I was too busy concentrating on driving, and too tired from too many late knights finishing the boat to trouble shoot it. And speaking of finishing, I'm not finished yet. I didn't have time to build a door for the pilothouse, and it's loud with no door, i.e. ear ringing loud.

Hopefully we'll get it out again this weekend, shorter trip, fiddle with trimming, less weight, and hopefully catch some fish. I'll also run slower in a chop!