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October 23rd, 2005

Out the Gate

leaving gate

Took Friday off with the intention of going fishing out the gate. But I finally figured out that I had too much stuff to do on the boat, so I decided that a Saturday trip would make more sense.

So on Friday, I gathered up all my fishing gear that had been collecting dust. Re-filled the line on one reel, and took apart another reel that had a sticky drag. Cleaned it up and lubed it. Mounted the downriggers, and then checked out the wire. There were spots of surface rust here and there but didn't seem serious. So I decided to use what I had. Rigged up some diamond jigs and jingle bells.

Made up half (the top) a rod holding device at the transom. Will finish up the bottom soon. Will be handy for keeping rods in place while underway. Also need to come up with something to hold my salmon net. When I get a chance I'm going to make up a long handled gaff. I have a short one, but don't much like leaning over the side and reachinnnnnnnnng.


Dragged the boat down to the gas station down the street that was selling regular for $2.59 a gallon. Cheap gas. Filled up the truck and the boat. Normal Chevron station I use was charging $2.95 a gallon. (NEW mantra, do not buy cheap gas.)

Fiddled with the NMEA wiring from the GPS to the fuel meter and did it the way Navman folks told me. Still something wrong. Fuel meter isn't showing speed. It does show me flow, but that's about it. Back to scratching my head. Last trip out I got 5.4 mpg. Will be interesting to see what I got on Saturday whilst going out the gate and trolling.

Installed a hinge on the fish hold cover and screwed it to the deck. Don't like it. Water gets in there and I have to sponge it out. I'm thinking I'm just going to seal the sucker up.

downrigger singing

I took a scopace pill Friday night before bed, and then about an hour before launch on Saturday morning I took another. Didn't want to get sick. Weather reports called for thick fog, but calm seas. It was right on.

Was going to meet my friend Mark at the Berkeley launch ramp at 7am. Well, I was antsy and got there early. Got in line and the guy I had followed most of the way from Vallejo, came back and said I should go around him. One of his axles was ready to fall off the trailer... Ouch. And he had a very large Osprey. So I thought what the heck I'll just launch the boat solo. I need the practice. So I went for it. I couldn't believe how easy it was to launch and tie the boat up to the dock and then park the truck. By the time I was walking back to the launch ramp, Mark was just walking up himself. So we lowered the motor, started it, let it warm up a few minutes, and then backed out.

dux fishing

Talked to Dick on the phone and he was launching at the Richmond ramp. Was running a few minutes late since his crew was late. Then talked to Bob on channel 19. He was in the water and just ahead of us. Was foggy but decent visibility, so we headed on towards the gate. Water was fairly smooth and we made about 24mph. Went under the gate and it was a little rougher, but once we rounded the corner and passed the potato patch it smoothed out. I did feel good about having two buddies there close by just in case. Boat buddies are a good thing. Was nice to chat with them throughout the day. Gonna be a hoot come crabbing time.

dux fishing

Headed towards Duxbury and about halfway we dropped in and trolled at an idle. Speed ranged from about 2 - 2.5mph, as indicated by the GPS. I still don't have a trolling motor and so I used the big Suzuki. It seemed to like trolling just fine... sort of. We got zero bites as did most of the fleet. Oh well.

Motor crapped out twice while trolling. Sped up for a split second and then died. Strange. I wonder if my cheap gas (remember the mantra?) came back to bite me in the fanny or if the Suzuki just doesn't like trolling at a idle for hours. I think I'm going to get back to finding a used kicker. Seems like two strokes are easier to find and are cheaper. So I'll probably go that route.

dux fishing

I ordered a seat with arm rests and slider for the passenger side in the wheelhouse, and will build a cabinet for it to sit on. Will also build a leaning post for the captain. I greatly desire storage space. Need more hanging devices for jackets, rags, etc. I got tired of standing up all day and it was calm. Would have really been pooped had it been rough. Am thinking about some sort of folding seat to mount on the wheelhouse bulkhead at the fishdeck for when we are trolling.

Damn scupper flappers don't work worth a damn. It was a waste of money and time installing the things. And because my scupper holes aren't perfectly round, the plugs I have let in seepage. That's annoying. So over winter I'm going to redrill the scupper holes and glue in a fiberglass tube. Then I'm a gonna install some Renn scupper condoms.

Need to paint deck outside and in the wheelhouse, and paint the cuddy inside. Tired of the darkness in there.

Getting rigged for Crabbing. Bob has some crab pots for me, and Dick has his old davit he's selling me for half price. I'm ready for Fresh Dungies..

I love the Jumbo. It rides so well. Totally comfortable on the ocean and rocking and rolling was minimal.

I can't stop thinking about being out on the ocean.

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