Mark Wipfli's 20 foot Tolman Skiff Standard

I will be happy to send you more details about my Tolman Skiff Standard when I have a bit more time, but here are a few tidbits. I bought the kit from Neal in early Feb, 2006. I began the project on 10 Feb, and finished on 6 July, 2006 (just after midnight while the sun was still shining!!!). Neal was a real pleasure to work with and provided valuable and timely advice throughout the entire Tolman Skiff project. The building project went well throughout. She has a 50-hp Honda (with a detuned 35-hp kit to make her legal for the Kenai River) and a 5-hp Honda Outboard kicker. The 50hp moves her along really nicely, including with a load, and I've been burning an economical ~1.5 gals/hr (but that includes ~25% trolling time). Detuned to 35 makes her a bit sluggish, but fine for short stints on the Kenai River. I've done a number of trips with her already, including both river trips and ocean (near-shore) fishing trips. She's handled everything with ease so far, and does really well on rough water. And she is light enough to trailer behind my 4-cylinder Toyota Tacoma. I am 100%+ satisfied with everything!

Cheers, Mark