David Dobler's Tolman Skiff Widebody

June 2009

The temperature hit 60 in Sitka today, and I'm prepping the boat to paint.  Attached are four pics:  three show the transom corner vents with Dorade-style boxes and cowl, and one shows the hull ID number engraved on a piece of marine aluminum stock and potted into a routed socket on the transom.

May 2008

I placed the binacle for the compass in the dash in line with the wheel and where I plan to center the seat.  I also cut and reinforced the access opening behind the console, and attached the channel for the window sliders. Making progress!

April 2008

I began building Easter break 2005 in Anchorage, after receiving Renn's book as a Christmas present from a son--"Dad, we should build a boat". I've owned and repaired wooden boats before, but never built one new. Our daughter visited at Easter and both sons and she had a hand at crafting the stringers. After the snow melted the garage became the boatworks, and by October the hull was ready to turn. That November I began working in Sitka and the hull sat on its trailer for almost a year, until I had it barged to Sitka. I now work under the carport.

September 27, 2008

These are the last pieces--I think-- before sanding and priming the interior. I put an access panel through the cuddy bulkhead to the front of the fuel tank fill/vent fittings.   I've got a chase on the starboard that brings the fill/vent hoses to their fittings, and a duct and demi-Dorade box on the port to bring air into the front of the fueltank compartment; it vents out in the stern corners.

David Dobler