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skiffless man:
I have been a lurker mostly since becoming a member here. I enjoy checking in and seeing what some of you are up too. I have a ton of respect for those of you that build and offer help to others. 

I know this will be a long shot but thought I would give it a try. Does not have to happen tomorrow by any means. I just don't think I am up for a build.

I have a 19' Arima Sea Ranger and they are a great boat. Very capable. I would like something a bit longer and with a full enclosed pilothouse. Ability to comfortable handle two on an extended outing, maybe a week or possibly two. On rare occassion sleep four. I have been considering a used C-dory as well.

I have a 115hp two stroke outboard that I could use on a boat if one was either built or offered with out power.  I also have a useable double axle trailer that could accomodate a Jumbo I believe. I am flexible that way.

If the boat was built complete, hull, pilothouse, paint, etc. I could handle the wiring, steering, fuel system etc.

I am not opposed to buying a solid used skiff either.

As far as budget goes. That is always the big question. Probably about the value of my older Arima.
I would be willing to talk trade for it as well. 

I am in the Western quadrant of the US. 

PM's welcomed.


skiffless man:
Since it has been a couple of month's and a few things have happened I thought I would update my post.

I want to thank those who contacted me through this site. It was good to get some info from some of you that are boat builders and owners.

Now for the update.
I did sell one of my Arima's. Would love to end up with a Tolman Jumbo with cabin and Pilothouse. As I said in my original post. I do not see myself doing a build for a variety of reasons.
 I Do have a good 115hp outboard with controls and a good double axle trailer. I am in MT. but have family in Nw Or. And Sw Wa. Would love to find a quality builder fairly close to me to crunch some numbers to see how feasible a build would be.
I might consider a boat that is already built as well.

Please pm
me with questions,thoughts or suggestions.

Thanks all, skifflessman

David Nolan:
Probably the single most often thought question, not asked, is what your budget is.       You may have to wait.    Most of the time i see a boat for sale it is due to some unfortunate circumstance.     A divorce, lost job, or worse.     Finding a builder for a one off boat might be pricey as the learning curve is steep and the first hull takes a lot longer.    Id look for a builder on the east coast and tow it home.

skiffless man:
Thanks for your thoughts David. I have had a builder in AK offer his services and Chuck (Grady300) mentioned one time he maybe could possibly do it.

Is their a list of builder's in the US somewhere?

jim shula:
What Dave said.  Occasionally Tolmans come up for sale on the forum,  but you have to keep your eyes and ears open to get on one before it's gone.   You would never come close to buying a completed cabin/pilothouse Jumbo from a boatbuilder for what you sold the used Arima for.


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