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Hi folks,

I have been a Tolman fan for a few years now. I love how durable, light and efficient they are. Unfourtunately, I do not have the time or the space to build one from scratch. However, I am now in the market to purchase someone else's labor of love. If anyone has a line on a jumbo or widebody please feel free to pm me. I am located near Chicago. Thanks guys!

Take care,

If you are willing to work with an Alaska builder look under boats for sell on this site.  Anthony Lydecker just posted three different Tolmans for sell.  I have no affiliation with his business.  Ken

Thanks, Ken. Unfortunately, my budget is very modest. I need to stay under 10k.

Thank you to those that have been trying to help. Jim Shula was kind enough to send an ad for a cc with a 115 etec in my price range. Unfortunately, the owner decided to keep.

mine will be avail in the spring  i didn't sell it

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