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Re: cleaning with ammonia
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Yup, 1/4" between the stringer and the bottom.  Left it and filled it with epoxy+ fibers.  No chine flat, just a 20' Standard. The 200 lbs of sand worked wonders keeping the 1/4" plywood bottom filler against the bottom.  + lots of spring clamps, screws with wooden washers and turn clamps.
Probably remove reinforcements on Saturday.  Checked, epoxy and filler areas and they are hard.  Guess I remembered to use hardener.
On the shelfs I used 1" stock which turned out to be 3/4".  And, aft of station #6 they bow upwards.  Any thoughts, before I hang sides, probably in 2 weeks or so, of how to force down.  Or, will the 2 framing side supports force them down.
Yes, I knew Mr. Tolman called for 1.5" lumber to be planed down.  But, I took the easy way out and bought 12"wide stock to do the turn for the shelfs.  + I don't own a plainer or tablesaw, to trim to the 1&1/8".
+ I intend to add 3/4" ceder/pine strips to the deck.  This will make the deck 1 and 1/2" thick.  And, that's why I used the thin wood for the decking.
Oh, and have a great 4th of July.