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Got the Shirley Lamar out on the water solo


I've been working on getting the Shirley Lamar back out on the water for a while now.

The Suzuki DF140 got an oil and filter change, new zincs, new thermostat, water pump, etc.

Scraped and sanded, primed, and painted the anchor well, and fish deck, along with fish hold.

Finally the stars aligned last Friday, and in spite of an extremely painful frozen shoulder I launched the skiff and headed out to the Sacramento, San Pablo Bay and the Napa River. I put on 40 miles and burned a bit of gas. I had hoped to burn even more, but the wind had already picked up to 15 knots.

Great fun to get the boat back on the water. Up next is to head out the Golden Gate, and bounce the bottom for rock fish and lingcod.


A few more images of the Shirley Lamar


Classy boat, it is good to get on the water


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