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Hello from Oregon
« on: July 09, 2023, 01:12:32 PM »
New to this group - but long time wooden dory fishermen.  I fished a 20ft wooden dory commercially out of Depoe Bay in the early 1970s - it had a 60hp Johnson in the motor-well.  It was tough as nails and paid for a couple years of college tuition - sold it when I graduated but always wanted another dory.  Wooden Dory's have a way of getting into your soul unlike a say a fiberglass cabin cruiser.  After college a built a couple of cedar canoes on a stongback first a stirpper and then with a veneer layup using the new (that time) West System epoxy.  The project was inspired after reading about WWII aircraft layup with wooden veneers and resourcinol (sp?) glues.  Now retired I purchased a second wooden dory - this one built in 1972 by the Pacific City Boat Company (any information on that builder would be very welcome). I think it must have been an owners boat as the built with Philippine mahogany frames and stringers.   After a year of use fishing offshore and bay crabbing it was "hauled out" for a refit during the pandemic.  As is often the case with projects like this (started with a repair to the motor mount in the well) it morphed into a full scale frame up restoration using carbon/kevlar cloth on the motor motor well, replacing sistering the frames and replacing the knees with Marine tech plywood etc. It took about 12 months and countless hours of sawing frames, fitting the knees, sanding, sealing, and painting.  After this I am thinking of building another dory for scratch - as I now know how they go together and I have the woodworking tools and space to do it.  I was looking at the Chunky Dory and it looks like pretty good starting point for another Pacific City Dory along the lines of the storied Learnered boats.   I will post photos of original dory in Depoe Bay and of the recent rebuild of the 1972 dory.  These are too good of boat to let fade away so the new on will be for my granddaughter!

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Re: Hello from Oregon
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2023, 09:15:18 PM »

I for one would love to see pics of your dory prject.

You will find Tolmans a generation or two up on the evolutionary ladder from your old boat, with many elements in common.