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I'm at the point where I've got to get my trailer set up for my Jumbo, so a couple of Qs.  Where should the bunks be positioned relative to the keel?   I've seen somewhere that the bunks should be under the stringers.  But at 30' wide, it seems too close together, leaving the boat unsteady and prone to rolling back and forth on the trailer.  Out near the chine seems too far apart, leaving the hull too much unsupported.    Second, am I asking for trouble to let the transom hang out a bit beyond the end of the bunks?


(Also, feel free to tell me that I'm fussing too much over these things)

Thanks   te

It's always best to have the transom supported on the bunks.  Probably best to have bunks under the stringers, but in the case of a boat, such as mine, with strakes on the hull, the strakes are under the stringers. So in my case the bunks are positioned just outside the strakes/stringers.  I've got five or six thousand absolutely brutal miles on mine so far without any issue whatsoever.

Bunks should extend beyond the transom. Not necessary to be directly under the stringers.

Check this thread also:  Still holding up great!

I installed 4 rear bunks.  2 main bunks under the stringers and two side stabilizing bunks.  2 forward bunks for the bow. 

 We ended up under the stringers. I have a friend who tows us to the coast sometimes who drives pretty dang fast. Hasn't tipped off yet though i do keep the straps tight.

   If you are under the stringers I can't see how it would matter if you were a little short of the transom knowing all that is put together back there. If not under the stringers I'd prefer them to the transom. 
    We do need some forward bunks but have not got around to it yet. Just buying a stick on stainless wear plate for the bow roller was alot easier.


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