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« on: August 10, 2021, 08:54:35 AM »
Hey all,

A couple years ago I started a widebody build with my high school students. This began with a kit from Salt Water Workshop. I ordered the top of the line plywood version extended to 23.5'. We built the jig, assembled and glassed the bottom with chines, set the stringers, shelves ,bow stem and transom. Scarfed and glassed the side panels, and THEN we were assigned a tiny house project that took priority. Once we completed the tiny house and started back up on the skiff, covid hit and we got shut down!!!!!!! My site is now being relocated and I'm unable to complete the build. I have all of the materials (wood, glass, epoxy and fillers) to complete the hull. I'm looking to sell my project as is so that someone can complete her and get her in the water! I have around 7k invested thus far as well as the labor to get her to this point. I'm wondering if there is anyone local to the Santa Cruz Bay area that would be interested in finishing the build. If so, hit me up and make an offer!