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Re: 12 inch disc sander
« Reply #15 on: January 17, 2015, 09:44:19 AM »
I have a free standing 6"x48" belt sander with a 9" disc built into it.  I had purchased it for furniture projects, and not for the boat.  I do find myself walking down to that shop from the boat to sand edges on boat parts, but I have yet needed the disc.  The disc is handy for shaping, and fine tuning pieces to fit on furniture projects, but little on my jumbo is fine tuned...    It has been an excellent tool for the wood shop.    I don't know what brand I have - (Jet?), but it is similar to this one at harbor freight.
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Re: 12 inch disc sander
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I wasn't referring to dealing with blush. I was referring to removing unwanted epoxy, squeeze out on scarfs being an example.

Are you serious? You sand off squeeze-out?

Instead of sanding off squeezed-out-excess and gumming up discs and throwing partially-cured epoxy all over the shop, this is what I do...I scrape it off and use the excess elsewhere. Grab a putty knife, scrape off the excess, blade it into a fillet for some other joint.

But I prefer to add wood flour to the scraped-off excess until it has the color and texture of peanut butter, spread it on Saltine Crackers and serve it to people dumb enough to sand off the excess squeeze-out.
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Re: 12 inch disc sander
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SurForm tools take cured squeeze-out right off a cheese grater on cheese ...sand after.  FYI...

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