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If you are thinking about electronics (mfd's particularly)....don't . That's the last thing to buy. I'm rigging my [non-tolman] this winter and I'm still waiting another 2-3 months. Maybe a good transducer if I find a good price (Airmar but with a universal pigtail) or a vhf since technology doesn't move too quickly with either of those.

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Tow Vehicles / Max weight for 24' Jumbo
« Last post by larspa on November 09, 2017, 11:49:21 AM »
I'm looking at buying a tow vehicle shortly.  I think I'll base its required towing capacity on the trailer rated capacity, since I won't be towing anything larger.  What y'all think would be a reasonable and safe max capacity for the trailer.  It will need  to haul a 24' Jumbo, somewhat over built.  Obviously things like full gas tank, motor (prob a 140 Suzuki range weight), etc. need to be considered in the weight.  On the other hand, I don't want a trailer that has a capacity so high that the boat is beat to death.

If I read the posting correctly, pfithian's says his runs in the area of 2700 lbs.  Another (forgot who) said they expected to be no more that 4000 lbs.  That seems a bit high, but then this is why I'm asking.

Hi Guys,

I was hoping to call on your experience on a dollar and cents question with Black Friday sales approaching.   I am closing in on turning over my wide body hull and wondering if people have found in the past that Black Friday sales are the time to snag some deals.  I would think many it is a little advance of my natural purchasing schedule but if it makes sense I would put some effort in that direction.   More broadly what, when and where did you find your best, must have, great deals for outfitting your boats?  Black Friday week, New Year Inventory reduction?   Is there a known best time to buy outboard motors based on companies traditional incentives?

Thanks for you help it would be fun to hear how you snag your deals.

I wish I had built it smaller...said no fisherman ever

That's right up there with "Gee ... I think I retired too soon!"


General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: New Sawhorse
« Last post by tananaBrian on November 06, 2017, 06:49:41 AM »
How many people does it take to carry it around? :-)

That's called "stable" ... it won't scoot around much when you're forcing a cut through thick wood using a dull jigsaw....

General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: New Sawhorse
« Last post by Lyle on November 06, 2017, 03:59:12 AM »
Loaner saw horse. They'll only ask to borrow it once.
General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: looking for a belly tank for wide body
« Last post by starbright55 on November 05, 2017, 08:44:10 PM »
Thanks Bob

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General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: looking for a belly tank for wide body
« Last post by BobC on November 05, 2017, 06:09:30 PM »
It all depends on where you intend to put the fill port on your boat.  Some guys fill at the transom, therefore all three are grouped together.  If your fill port is in the side of the cabin or a forward location, then the fill and vent should be forward with the pickup typically in the aft position. 

It might also be note worthy that the keel of the boat is not always level and the steeper deadrise forward in some boats can make the forward portion of the tank lower than the aft portion when at rest on some boats while when running the aft portion is lower.  Sometimes this can make things counter-intuitive.  will your last drop of gas be used running at speed on plane or at displacement speed?  This could change where you put the pickup.

General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: Graphiting the bottom
« Last post by backatit on November 05, 2017, 04:19:14 PM »
Thanks Ken, others

That is the real world stuff I am looking for.  I am trying to get this right and I don't think it is straight forward as it may seem.   I wonder how long the Antifoal paint would of lasted for you.  What is its life span generally?

 I appreciate you addressing the sun and the graphite.  I think coats of epoxy beats paint structurally.   An issue,  I do not see exactly how not having UV protection on exposed section of the boat is a good thing, although, as I have noted to others, many of the best boats have done just that.  I also think heating up the fiberglass and epoxy of the hull higher than need be with black is potentially a problem. At least, it could cause telegraphing of the weave.   I know I live in the northwest and it isn’t FLA, but at least as a theoretical point. 

As I said, on advice, I do have system 3 primer coming and will probably buy some ezpoxy paint for at least above the water line.   I do have several unopened quarts of Brightside paint that I could use.  As I have mentioned to another,  thoughts about the  anti-foul paint is  that the paint probably has to give up some good characteristics that topside paint possesses in order to excel for its intended purpose. So if I am only trailering the boat then I thought maybe I would not need a bottom paint and go with a topside that has the characteristic that make it excel at its mission.

Where I stand now is I copied what Jim Shula did on one of his boats.  That is if I got it right.  ( I have reached out to him).  It is the same boat as in this cool flipping the boat video called Flipogram.  Worth checking out.

 So, I have taped off and applied 2 coats of graphite on the majority of bottom and not up sides or at bow.  Logically, to me, it makes sense accepting  some flies in the ointment.  Nothing is perfect.  Especially my finish.

Which brings up a problem. I am getting air bubble in the graphite.  I applied over well sanded epoxy in declining temperatures with a good roller, and tipped off with a 4" Jen brush.  When I put second coat on it did not fill most of air holes.  Any advice on what I can do to fill in air holes?  Looks bad because they don't have graphite coloring.  Please if you have advice on the bubble problem please advice me.

Thanks All

I ended up using faring compound to fill air holes worked out well



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General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: looking for a belly tank for wide body
« Last post by Cannon on November 05, 2017, 01:37:12 PM »
If you had a custom built tank, you could specify. I had mine custom built and they recommended they be located together. They, the tank builder, build hundreds if not thousands of tanks yearly, for most of the big WC welded aluminum boat builders.

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