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I have run my old I/O up to 2,000 rpms with burst up to 3,000 rpms.  Never water pump problem.  However the risk you run is if the motor pulls more water than the hose can supply you risk possibly collapsing the hose and starving the motor of water.
I have just idled my new OB on muffs and this is how the dealer started the motor. 

I plan to use a 55 gallon plastic barrel to flush the motor once I am home, rig it with a valve at the bottom to drain the water.  Planning to start the motor several times in the off season and let it come up to temperature.  Was reading that a lot of OB problems can stem from not running the motor for a long time. 
General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: tuna spotting tower
« Last post by elkhunter338 on May 23, 2017, 06:56:10 PM »
I was watching wicked tuna at lunch today and thought of you Dave.  Are you close to were these guys go out for tuna?  If so do you ever fish for the big tuna.

I am hoping to venture out for Pacific Albacore this year catching my first tuna.  These only range 15-30 lbs, some times a bigger fish bites. So I have heard. 
General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: tuna spotting tower
« Last post by david.nolan.940 on May 23, 2017, 05:24:33 AM »
i've been trying to go for two weeks but the wind just won't stop blowing and right now it's not the waters 92 100 miles

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General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: tuna spotting tower
« Last post by BobC on May 23, 2017, 05:21:45 AM »
three two by fours tipped down and glued up - all sides glassed 4 oz tape

free alum channel garbage picked     couple bolts and some caulk

the view up there is awesome on nice days

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Land HO!


Quit building stuff to fish for tuna and just come fish for em.   ;)

Catching these in Jan/Feb. about 15 min run from the back door.  Never leave sight of land.  Don't need a spotting tower, just a big rod and a strong back.

 :)  It's cobia and yellowfin time now and will be daytime swords come fall.

General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: Getter Outta Dodge
« Last post by Larry SEMMENS on May 22, 2017, 07:56:22 PM »
Looks great!  Have a safe trip north!
General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Getter Outta Dodge
« Last post by Rockyheadlands on May 22, 2017, 11:59:44 AM »
I'm naming this new boat Getter Outta Dodge. Still stuck in the Texas heat trying to get to Lake Superior. Prop testing in progress, more bilge pumps to finalize and prepping for the Kiwi grip which will be drying on the way north. Willing be putting it on board the RangerIII for its ride to the island for. The following 105 days available for shakedown. See you there
General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: tuna spotting tower
« Last post by luk diver on May 22, 2017, 07:21:29 AM »
 Will you just stop messing about with mods and put a Greenstick on that tuna slaying machine!!!. We're too broke down (I'm 10 days into recovery on 2nd knee replacement and twin brother headed down same road as me) right now to even dream we're trying our Greenstick this season   :(   .B & B
(pic.: only Bluefin ever caught on our boat, Monterey CA  )
General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: tuna spotting tower
« Last post by EasternshoreBob on May 22, 2017, 03:12:08 AM »
Good for Cobia spottin down the bay also.

General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: Running Outboard on Earmuffs- No More
« Last post by Lyle on May 21, 2017, 04:55:52 PM »
What were the indications of overheating? Could it be the overheat sensor? or corrosion in the sensor plug? Assuming an early warning system.

 Joe, Got the warning alarm from the ignition switch and flashing on the digital multifunction tach. After removing stat and going out again got same as well as some white smoke/steam from exhaust. Lower leg was warm to the touch.New pump kit solved all.

starbright, Thks for the tip. New pump kit working fine. Ran hard out late Friday than trolled for couple hours, as well as again this am. Ate Bluefish just about every meal this weekend!First fresh fish this year.

Starbright, I probably went to 1500-1600 rpm briefly . Idle is 800, maybe that was my problem. Have you ever had this happen?
Never had it happen but was told by "old timers" not to run above idle no-load just for these reasons.

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