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General Discussion Tolman Skiffs / Re: Help With An Adopted Kicker
« Last post by pfithian on April 22, 2017, 06:09:02 AM »
Another technique that I have successfully used is a propane torch and candle wax.

There was a comment about towing in Europe or Scandinavia. I think you will be fine with your car, but keep in mind that the regulations in Europe are completely different.
No modifications at all. Complete technical survey every two years and strict speed limits.
Next thought would be road standards and of course handling at the ramp.
It might be an option to tow your boat around and then get help in the marina, often there is an old tractor or truck standing around.
And, as mentioned, I would not adjust my build because of my car. I am in my 5th year and had the same worries when I started, now as the building continues, I see that I probably will have a different car in a couple of months/years.
being rated to tow 3,500 lbs a boat with alum trailer and trailer brakes would probably be ok IMO.  One concern I would have is can the transmission handle pulling a load over the long haul without premature transmission failures.  Research Escapes and towing and see what you find.

I personally always want a 4x4 with low range for pulling the boat up the boat ramp.  That way you have enough traction with the 4x4.  With low range you don't slip the clutch or build heat in an automatic transmission.

I would question if the escape will pull the boat up a steep boat ramp without doing transmission damage.

Like other have mentioned a 2,000 lb set up is probably plenty for an Escape.

Do you already own the Escape.  If so put 200-250 lbs of weight in the back to represent the tongue weight and see how the rear suspension handles it.  If you are ok with this can you find a buddy with a 2k trailer of some sort that you can go pull.
Mr. Wright nailed it in my opinion.

Front Wheel Drive vehicles can be interesting while retrieving from the ramp...might need to soften your tires a bit, for the weight of your load is lifting your front end a good bit, especially on an incline...

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To true about the front wheel drive. I grew up camping in this rig. Good memories of stacking the family in the front and on the bumper to get the boat out of the reservoir ramp.
  Its now mine and we took it to the Washington coast as pictured and the it would not pull the trailer out empty after launching this boat. We stacked about 6 guys that were waiting to launch on the bumper and barely got out.
  The 500cuin caddy I put in it for my dad as a teenager did not help with traction. It'll light em up off a stop though  ...olny fun thing about the cruddy traction.  :D
I checked and yes my control does have a warning alarm for oil pressure and water temp. I will likely buy an analog tach/hour meter and a trim guage. Then hook up my Multi function plotter up for the rest of the info. I have a hard spending the cash on a Mult function guage just for motor info(very limited info at that). I asked the guy about it at the dealer and he says "oh yeah thats a great way to go I have afordable analog guages right over here".... I wish he would have brought that option up in the first place.


How about the Bella 4 picture which shows a dropping cabin for storage and traveling?

Were any of those versions ever built?  There are lots of complications involved with fold ups, and once they get soaking wet owners tend to lose interest.

You're at a decision point. I'd say build exactly the boat you want, as big as you want and put the Escape out of your mind for now. Several years from now when the boat is completed, buy a suitable new or used vehicle that can tow the boat you have built with no concerns.
Again thank you Dave.

Frontal area is 30 square feet.
I am trying to get a "trailer" to stay in when on the road.
Towing at 60 mph is good for me.  I am not aggressive with a need to be there yesterday.  LOL
How about the Bella 4 picture which shows a dropping cabin for storage and traveling?

Again thanks to the support...
So you don't want the smallest?  OK, you don't have to have the smallest.

Do you still want to keep weight of trailer, boat, engine, and all associated gear at 1900 pounds maximum?

In your desire for stand up headroom have you read the suggested frontal area limits for your trailer load as specified by your vehicle manufacturer? See the owner's handbook. Wind loads are interesting. In Europe where heavy trailers are towed by smaller cars they seldom tow continually at 60 mph. 45 - 50 mph is more common.
thank you Dave!
That gives me a clear picture of what an 18' would be like.....

Option B what about a 20' wide body with a stand up cabin.  Is it done successfully?  What is the hp requirement?   
Oh, and if you want smallest and lightest, forget about a 4 wheel trailer. The extra axle, wheels, and suspension add too much weight for absolutely no advantage with an 18 foot boat.
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